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ConTact C.A.R.E - a Common Sense Approach to Real Ease

A practical form of treatment, ConTact C.A.R.E is a method for locating and releasing trapped bone pressure, by isolating the body’s natural self-defence tendencies that have caused the body to ‘Flinchlock®’ into compromised mobility.

Movement away from pain is the ethic of ConTact C.A.R.E work. As ConTact C.A.R.E ensures the clients comfort is paramount; a client can experience a treatment that is very gentle, moving away from any pain, with no manipulation or adjusting. Practitioners are trained to locate and release the trapped bone pressure which then allows the body to unravel itself and return to a more optimal functioning state.

ConTact C.A.R.E Uniqueness

  • Recognition of the body's self-defence system which overrides the nervous system and the reflex system.

  • The Flinchlock Release Method alleviates pressure from the bone.

  • Understanding of the pressure for pressure balance interplay between head and body which is used to match and neuralise injury pressure.

Understanding Flinchlock

Flinchlock happens when impact enters the bone by surprise. Force enters the bone followed by a reaction. This combination creates an involuntary contraction, locking pressure into the bone.


The impact pressure becomes the bone's new working pressure, resulting in shortened, hardened ligaments, tendons, and muscle fascia. Joint imbalance and pressure develops.

ConTact C.A.R.E may work with...

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Carpal Tunnel syndrome

  • Co-ordination problems

  • Sports injuries

  • Breathing disorders

  • Post-operation rehabilitation

  • Mental and emotional shock

  • Concussion effects

  • Back and neck pain

  • Old, unresolved injuries

  • Cranial tension

  • Anxiety

  • Depression caused by chest cavity impacts


In general, any condition involving musculo-skeletal discomfort, tension, stress, or pain can be very effectively worked with. 

What to expect from treatment

  • To be observed closely as you move instinctively around your injuries.

  • To be listened to carefully as you tell your story.

  • To be supported in comfort.

  • To be educated in how the body instinctively protects itself under duress.

  • To be given a sense of how your body is working perfectly in an abnormal situation.

  • To be given homework to support the return to normal function.

The clinical experience is non-intrusive and gentle, the techniques safe and effective. For 24 - 48 hours following your session, you may experience some minor discomfort and aggravation of your symptoms. This is a normal part of the body's response. It is common for the full benefit of the treatment to be felt after 2-3 days.

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